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Materials & Forensics Testing

Materials & Forensics Testing

SanAir's facility includes the finest electron optics and preparation equipment providing you with the highest quality. Only the most recent and accepted protocols are followed, insuring you of up-to-date results. This modern technology also provides rapid turnaround time.

The material science division was developed to help our clients with solutions for their projects. At SanAir, we offer a wide variety of services for full particle identification, optical identification, carbon black analysis, product comparison, contamination identification and analysis. Our polarized light, stereo, and compound microscopes designed by Leica and Nikon are used for applications such as petrography, mineralogy, and materials analysis. The latest energy dispersive x-ray analysis (EDXA) and Scan Active Digital Imaging technology from Evex can be utilized by our Hitachi H-600 TEM and Hitachi H-600 TEM/STEM (scanning capabilities) electron microscopes. At SanAir, we are dedicated to superior customer service and maintaining a level of standard at every facet of analysis and reporting.

Analytical Services

Optical and Full Particle Identification Analysis:qualitative and quantitative analysis of particulate. This method tests for:

  • Man Made Vitreous Fibers (MMVF)
  • Asbestos
  • Mold
  • Biological material
  • Synthetic fibers
  • Hair
  • Minerals
  • Cellulose
  • Chemical analysis of organic and inorganic material (included in Full Particle Identification only)

Carbon Black Analysis:quantitative analysis performed. Carbon black is used in the manufacture of rubber, a pigment in printers ink, coatings, paper, and plastics. We are also able to identify the source of your carbon black.


Case Studies

Carbon Black: Consultant found no mold present in material forming on an office desk. Further analysis by SanAir showed the presence of carbon black from a printer was forming on the office desk.

Optical ID: Layer of dust covered items in antique shop. Consultant needed to know if material was coming from sand bag manufacture or granite warehouse both neighbors of the antique shop. SanAir was able to identify the root of contamination coming from granite warehouse. 

Single Analyte: Hair analysis Hair samples were submitted to identify type of pest. SanAir was able to identify the pest was a raccoon.

Material ID: Unknown material was forming on high end guitars after manufacture process. SanAir tested the material and identified it as ceramic clay coming from another process being done at the same time.