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Asbestos found in crayons and crime scene kit toys

Color Crayons Almost a month ago, the EWG Action Fund group in a study found traces of silicate mineral asbestos in children’s crayons and crime scene kit toys. The group has since published a report that details how out of 28 boxes of crayons, four contained asbestos. Asbestos was found in two out of 21 crime scene kit toys as well, and EWG has urged the immediate ban of using the mineral in consumer products.

The silicate mineral, asbestos, is widely regarded as hazardous to human health. According to Dr. Jerry Paulson, “parents do need to be concerned about particular brands of products where asbestos was identified.”

In this blog post, information about what asbestos is will be explored along with some of the asbestos-related illnesses.

New York New Mold Laws

Seal of New YorkThe governor of New York signed legislation requiring Mold licensing and standards of work. This was introduced in the latter part of January and serves to make the services of mold remediation, inspection and assessment, all licensed activities.  This means that only licensed individuals will be able to perform these tasks.

While the language of the new measure in several places refers to individuals or contractors assessing mold, it is important to emphasize that people who take the samples cannot also perform the remediation work.

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