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For What Contaminants is Indoor Air Quality Typically Tested For?

children sleeping indoorsNo matter how many protective measures we take, we are always at risk of catching various germs, bacteria, and viruses and hence, are always exposed to a variety of health problems.

One important factor/threat that has become unavoidable is environmental pollution, specifically the contamination of air.

The air that we breathe in has become so polluted that the chances of catching diseases and developing health problems have increased exponentially thanks to our modern life styles.

According to experts and research studies, the indoor air i.e. the air within our homes, offices, and other buildings, is highly polluted. Contrary to the common belief, recent evidences have indicated that indoor air can be more contaminated than outdoor air and since most of us spend a majority of our time indoors, we are at greater risk of developing various health issues due to the contaminants present in indoor air.

Ice Dams, Water Damage and Mold

Ice Dam Removal & Mold Repair

ice dams on roofWinter is a time of joy and beauty for many. But while we are busy enjoying the amazing winter views, snow plays a role in the formation of ice dams. And ice dams can have disastrous effects for your house, leading to mold and damage.

What Is An Ice Dam?

Ice dam is the term used for the rim of ice that develops on the boundary of your house’s roof. The temperature is usually lower on that rim, a factor that aids in the formation of ice and delays its melting.

How Are Water Samples Gathered And Sent To A Lab For Testing?

sampling waterSince water is the most important necessity of life and every living being needs water to survive, maintenance of its quality is really important for human health. Therefore, frequent testing of drinking water is crucial to the safety and health of humans.

The collection of water samples needs to be done properly in order to get accurate results. Although different labs have different SOPs, there aresome basic principles of water sampling that are followed everywhere.

Sampling and preservation techniques, holding times and even the types of bottles in which water is collected all play key roles in getting the accurate results.

Frozen & Burst Pipes — Water Damage & Mold

Frozen Cracked PipeWhen a cold wave hits, water-pipe damage is never too far behind. In freezing weather, it is not the pipe that freezes but the water inside the pipe, That ice will also expand within the pipe. This conversion into ice and subsequent expansion can cause pipe joints to break, or for the pipe wall to be damaged. If unchecked, the resulting leaks can damage carpeting, floors, fiberglass insulation, and drywall. The major sources of such leaks are found to be in copper pipes which supply water toplumbing fixtures, or to baseboard radiators. Here are the most common causes of bursting pipes in cold weather:

The Grave Issue of Mold Growing in Marijuana Households

When you purchase your home are you fully aware of the hidden dangers that could be lurking there? One activity that previous owners have engaged in may be prone to creating unsafe living conditions.

marijuana plant under growlightIllegally growing marijuana inside houses is nothing new. But marijuana “grow house” operations may be proliferating with some states legalizing use for medical or recreational use. A 2008 article in the Los Angeles Times discussed the increase after California passed Proposition 215, quoting law enforcement officials as estimating that as many as 1,700 of 7,500 homes in one community are growing marijuana.

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