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When to use Forensic Testing on a Property?

Forensic Testing on a Property

Forensic and material testing can help you identify any number of issues on your property. This type of testing is used to detect asbestos, mold, minerals and other materials that may be hazardous to the health of any individuals on your property. Forensic test results may be required for insurance policies as well as any inspections by legal parties.

How to Test for Bacteria at Work

Bacteria Testing at Work

Microbiological testing is a key component of safety in many workplaces. In fact, many industries require a certain standard for the production of materials and goods. Certain microbes can be disastrous to the quality of your products. SanAir specializes in microbiology identification services for commercial clients. We know that quality in surfaces and air within workplaces can be critical to your operation and want to help you achieve the highest standards.

What Are the Most Common Types of Bacteria in Commercial Spaces?

Bacteria in Commercial Spaces

Commercial spaces have a plethora of bacteria all around. Whether that property is a store, office building, or any other business, chances are that germs and other pathogens reside there. Microorganisms may be invisible to the eye, but they are hearty and will grow and reproduce almost anywhere.

The Environmental Impact of PCB

Environmental Impact of PCB

Polychlorinated biphenyls, known as PCBs, are a group of laboratory-made chemicals that were popular in use from the 1920s until 1977. The material was eventually banned, but because of its popularity, is often found across office buildings, construction sites, and residential homes. PCBs have no smell or taste and are usually oil-based and yellow-ish in color. They’re hard to detect and are often found in the food and water supply, making them a hazard in the environment.

How Swab Surface Sampling Detects Bacteria

How Swab Surface Sampling Detects Bacteria

Testing a commercial space for mold and bacteria has never been easier or more accurate. Laboratories have developed dozens of sampling methods for different materials. In a retail space, swab surface sampling detects bacteria living on smooth materials, like glass, metal, or painted surfaces. The process is quick and straightforward, and property owners can receive the results within a week.

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