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How Lead Testing is Performed

Lead Testing

If you have a concern that lead could be present in your property or business, it is important to contact an accredited lab to conduct the appropriate sample testing. Excessive amounts of lead can cause severe neurological, physical, and mental health disorders and should be remediated as soon as possible. Since older buildings and those near roads are more susceptible to high levels of lead and other metals, they should be sampled. At SanAir, we provide accredited and certified professional standardized lead and metals testing procedures and we maintain quality control assurance programs under strict guidelines. Here are a few ways that your lead testing may be performed at the SanAir laboratory:


ICP-OES, or Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry, is a process by which the composition of elements are evaluated using plasma and a spectrometer. This analytical technique has been around since the 1970s and is one of the most credible tests due to its reliability and multi-element testing options. This is one of the most successful and accurate lead testing options available today. At SanAir, our technicians have access to the appropriate spectrometers to conduct this testing type and do so frequently. We are certified in this spectrometer approach and find it extremely successful to measure lead elements from the soil or surface samples that we procure.

Microwave and Hotblock Digestion

Microwave and hotblock digestion is another option that we offer at SanAir. Depending upon the variety and size of lead samples, we can offer this service as one that can be completed quickly and affordably. In this process, the samples are placed in tube-like structures and the breakdown of the samples are analyzed to determine what metals are present. Another positive of this approach is that microwaves and hotblocks don’t require a lot of space to sample, allowing for even larger samples to be tested concurrently. This is very reliable because the sampling block’s sturdy material means that the samples won’t be contaminated easily. Your samples are maintained with the highest levels of accuracy so that analysis is done correctly.

Mercury Analyzer

It is common to find mercury when lead is present. For this reason, we use mercury analyzers when testing for certain types of lead exposure. We want to make sure that we are providing our customers with a full panel assessment of lead and metals testing. We offer total concentration of lead as well as a variety of other metals. These tests are TCLP for lead and TCLP for RCRA 8 metals.

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Our wide range of instruments and testing capabilities allows for consistently quick turnaround and accurate testing results for SanAir clients. We are proud to participate in the Environmental Microbiology, Lead and Industrial Hygiene Proficiency Analytical Testing program. As an accredited and trusted technologies laboratory, we have all of the instruments in place to test a variety of possible lead and metal-contaminated surfaces and soils. If you believe your property could be contaminated, give SanAir a call today at 804-897-1177.

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