SanAir Earns “Top Workplaces” Recognition for Metro-Richmond

RICHMOND, Va., March 13, 2018 -- SanAir Technologies Laboratory, a suburban Richmond environmental-testing company, is among 65 Richmond-area workplaces selected for recognition in the Richmond region's fifth annual Top Workplaces program ...

SanAir Technologies Starts Major Expansion

RICHMOND, Va., May 18, 2016 -- SanAir Technologies Laboratory, a national environmental testing and analysis facility based in Powhatan County, announced today a major expansion of its facilities, along with addition of approximately 10 new technical associates ...

What microbiologists discovered after their filthy makeup bags were put to the test, May 12, 2015 -- Microbiologists from San Air Technologies in Powhatan came to the studio to take the samples from the makeup bags of Bill Fitzgerald, Julie Bragg, Candace Burns, Joe St. George, Nikki-Dee Ray and me — Reba Hollingsworth. “What we’re going to be looking for is ...

Environmental Testing Lab Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Jobs Growth and Nationwide Service

RICHMOND, Va., April 30, 2013 -- SanAir Technologies Laboratory recently celebrated its tenth anniversary with steady growth to national status in the growing fields of industrial hygiene testing and identification of harmful microorganisms in public venues ...

SanAir Activates Special Services For Northeastern Storm Needs

RICHMOND, Va., June 11, 2012-- SanAir Technologies Laboratory, a national environmental testing company, announced today that its Northeastern Services Corridor is open and activated even as tropical storm Sandy continues to wreak havoc throughout the region ...

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