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BUCK Bio-Culture™ Pump, Model B3012

Item# 1037

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Product # APB-708000 – The BUCK Bio-Culture™ pump, provides a selectable, continuous, constant sample flowrate and is simple to operate and comes complete with standard 120 VAC charger, pencil torch, tripod, carrying case and instruction manual. No tools are required. Its quiet operation allows unobtrusive sampling in IAQ, medical, clean room, public and residential building applications. The front key pad is organized into three functional key groups: Power (ON-OFF), Timing (1, 2, 5, 10 minute samples), and Calibration (Cal mode, Increase flow, Decrease flow). Positive tactile feedback is provided by the keys. The BUCK Bio-Culture™ Pump has internal NiCad batteries to provide a full six hours continuous run time at 100LPM. The standard charger provides a battery recharge in 12-16 hours and allows the unit to operate on AC power; the optional FastOne™ Charger provides a battery recharge in one hour. End of sample notice is provided by the lit LED “Complete” and three short beeps.


  • Holds 90 mm agar Petri dish
  • Flow up to 120 LPM
  • 380 holes – 1 mm diameter
  • Timing routine of 1,2,5,10 minutes
  • Continuous operation for 6-8 hours*
  • Tripod mount to allow 90 degree sampling
  • Sampling head is easily sterilized with gas torch or autoclave
  • 4 X the flow rate of an Anderson sampler

*Depends on battery maintenance, backpressure, etc.

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