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BUCK BioAire™ Pump Model B520

Item# 1039

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Product # APB-706000 – Model B520 Bioaerosol Sampling Pump is a compact, lightweight 5-20 LPM controlled flow sampling pump for bioaerosol sampling with Allergenco-D™ cassettes  (also accommodates the Air-O-Cell™ cassette).  It comes complete with standard 120 VAC charger, instruction manual, and APB-706100 Calibration Rotameter Assembly. The easy, full-control keypad lets you perform unattended time programmed (1, 2, 5, or 10 minute) samples, perform easy calibrations without tools, or perform manual timed sampling at the touch of a button.  A group of status LEDs show the  BioAire™ Model  B520 operation at a glance.  Both an LED and   audible alarm provide confirmation of end-of-sample or depleted battery.  The BioAire™ Model B520 Pump provides a full five hours of continuous operation (at 15 LPM) from its rechargeable NiCad batteries.  It comes with a standard charger; an optional FastOne™ one-hour charger provides the ultimate in power management and time savings.


  • Small, lightweight, and compact
  • Accepts both Allergenco-D or Air-O-Cell®** Cassettes
  • 6-8 hr. continuous run time at 15 LPM
  • Convenient timer for 1, 2, 5, 10 minute samples and continuous mode
  • End-of-cycle audible & visual
  • Easy keypad calibration without tools

*Air-O-Cell is a trademark of Zefon International

SanAir Technologies Laboratory, Inc.