Zefon Aluminum Cyclone for Respirable Dust with Holder

Zefon Aluminum Cyclone for Respirable Dust with Holder
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The Zefon Respirable Dust Aluminum Cyclone with holder is used in conjunction with 37mm 3 piece open face filter cassettes to separate dust particles by size with the respirable particles being collected on the filter and larger particles being removed. The collection efficiency curve meets the standards set forth by ACGIH/ISO/CEN for a respirable curve with a median 50% cut point of 4µ at 2.5 LPM flow.

The Zefon Aluminum Cyclone design is a replica of the SKC Aluminum Cyclone*. The inner workings have been precisely machined to exactly match that of the SKC Aluminum Cyclone with only slight cosmetic changes to the exterior. Both products are interchangeable between cyclones and cyclone holders. Use a Zefon aluminum cyclone with the SKC holder #225-1 or alternatively use the SKC Aluminum Cyclone with Zefon holder #ZA0061

* Performance tests indicate no statistical difference between the SKC Aluminum Cyclone and the Zefon Aluminum Cyclone.


  • Meets ACGIH/ISO/CEN respirable curve with a 4.0um cut point at 2.5LPM
  • Specified in NIOSH method 0600 for Particulates Not Otherwise Regulated, Respirable
  • Specified in NIOSH method 7500 for Silica, Crystalline, by XRD
  • Aluminum construction is conductive, eliminating interference from static charging
  • Fully interchangeable with the SKC cassette/cyclone holder.
  • Lightweight – only 118 grams (cyclone and holder assembly with cassette and 3′ of tygon tubing)

This products comes complete with both the Zefon Aluminum Cyclone (#ZA0060 or #ZA0075) and the Zefon Universal cassette/cyclone holder #ZA0061. Cassettes not included and shown for illustrative purposes only.


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