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SanAir Among First in Nation To Qualify for New Standard To ID & Evaluate Harmful Fire-Related Particulates in HVAC Systems

RICHMOND, Va., April 25 2012 — SanAir Technologies Laboratory, a Virginia-based national environmental testing company, has become one of the first in the nation to offer a new industry-wide protocol for identifying and evaluating potentially hazardous fire-related particulates in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

"When a building fire occurs," Sean McGlynn, president and CEO of SanAir said, “microscopic char and soot particles can lodge in HVAC systems.  In turn, that can result in contamination harmful to humans as well as detrimental to the HVAC equipment itself.

"Because of this potential hazard, a large group of indoor air environmental scientists and engineers worked over a period of months under the aegis of several industry associations to develop professional standards for the identification and evaluation of post-fire particulates."

Known as "ISEO/RIA Standard 6001," the program details strict procedures for the identification and evaluation of particulates, particularly char and soot, by laboratories. SanAir has been examined by IESO/RIA and became the first in Virginia and one of the first nationally to qualify to identify and evaluate post-fire particulates in HVAC equipment.

"This new standard follows our recently announced national accreditations in the identification of lead and asbestos in industrial, commercial and residential settings," McGlynn said, "and it marks a milestone in our development and continued rapid growth."

SanAir offers an array of tests for carbon black, soot, char, ash, and nuisance particles in various matrices. "We are the only laboratory in the nation to offer IESO/RIA standard 6001 and ASTM methods for carbon black and soot." said Sandra Sobrino, SanAir’s director of material science division. "This will allow indoor air quality professionals to submit various cases that require different types of testing to one central location."

The new industry standard was created by the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization and the Restoration Industry Association – both affiliates of the Indoor Air Quality Association – in a  process overseen by the American National Standards Institute. The standard was announced Feb. 15 of this year.

Established in 2003, SanAir is based in Oakbridge Industrial Park in Powhatan County, Virginia near the new Watkins Center development, a major component in Richmond’s rapid multi-use business growth. It is a full-service national laboratory offering analytical and consulting services specialized in asbestos, bacterial detection and identification, environmental microbiology, environmental lead & metals, Legionella, and materials testing.

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