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SanAir Technologies Laboratory, Inc.

AIHA accredited environmental microbiology laboratory, specializing in testing for asbestos, mold, lead & metals, and bacteria. Free overnight shipping.

SanAir Technologies Starts Major Expansion

RICHMOND, Va., May 18, 2016 — SanAir Technologies Laboratory, a national environmental testing and analysis facility based in Powhatan County, announced today a major expansion of its facilities, along with addition of approximately 10 new technical associates.

Build-out for SanAir’s 3000-square-foot space is underway and is expected to be completed by June 15. Recruiting for 10 new geologists with experience in Polarized Light Microscopy has begun.

SanAir Technologies began in 2003 in 6,000-square-feet of space at Oakbridge Industrial Park, just west of the Watkins Center development. Its new space in the Oakbridge complex will bring the company’s total physical size to about 12,000 square feet.

“Beginning in 2003 with three technical and administrative staff, we’ve grown rapidly to encompass a national market for our specialties in environmental testing and analysis,” Sean McGlynn, SanAir president and CEO said.

 “This new expansion is especially gratifying,” McGlynn said, “as it confirms that our current staff of some 35 technical and administrative people are doing such a good job.”

SanAir is seeking to add individuals with prior experience in Polarized Light Microscopy, asbestos detection and/or removal, work in a professional laboratory environment, and undergraduate degrees in geology, environmental sciences, chemistry, biology, materials science or other STEM-related fields. Qualified individuals may contact for additional information on the firm’s new jobs needs.

Based in the fast-growing metro Richmond region, SanAir’s specialties have grown to include analytical and consulting services to detect and identify asbestos, lead and metals, environmental microbiology, bacteria, Legionella and other environmental hazards. SanAir’s clientele includes industrial hygienists, engineers, governments and restoration and remediation contractors.

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SanAir Technologies Laboratory, Inc.