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Signs Of Heavy Metals in Water

Child Pouring Glass Of Clean Water

Heavy metals, like arsenic, lead, mercury, and others, are all around us. They’re in the ground we walk on, in the water we drink, and in the products we use every day. The concern is high levels of most heavy metals can cause health issues. Accurately detecting them is impossible without a thorough analysis and testing. Heavy metals are odorless and colorless.

Heavy metal contaminants can enter your drinking water from several sources. Some leak into the water through older pipes and plumbing systems. They can also enter water sources from industrial processes as they seep through the ground into aquifers. 

As we continue to develop land and increase industrialization, the levels of heavy metals in our water are increasing quickly. Coal-burning plants, waste incinerators, household plumbing, paints, and other chemical substances all can result in heavy metal contaminants. These toxic metals are transported through industrial, municipal, and urban runoff until they ultimately reach our waterways and find their way into drinking water.

It’s important to note that not all of these metals are bad for you. We need small amounts of some of them, such as copper and iron. These metals and others are necessary for vital functions like circulation, reproduction, and respiration. Although there are metals that are essential nutrients for good health, even these metals, at high levels, can become toxic to the human body.

It is recommended that you have your water tested for heavy metals frequently, especially if you have older metal pipes or live in an industrial area. If tests show high levels or show any arsenic or mercury then it may be recommended to get anyone who’s been exposed tested and be aware of symptoms. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to severe toxicity if these metals are present at high levels.

Heavy metal toxicity can cause a number of health problems and prolonged illnesses. Reported effects include nervous system damage, stunted growth, slow development, organ damage, cancer, and in extreme cases, even death. For example, exposure to mercury and lead can cause autoimmune disorders. 

Most water sources are vulnerable to heavy metals seeping in. Homes with well water should consider regular testing since metals can contaminate private wells through groundwater movement and surface water seepage and run-off from nearby industries.

Since detection is only determined by testing the water, it is something to consider no matter where you live. After an analysis is performed, it will be clear if heavy metals are present or not, and if they are it will show if the levels are anything to be concerned about. Steps to filter the water or find another water source are something the homeowner will need to consider. SanAir Technologies Laboratory is committed to providing dependable services to give peace of mind to all of our customers. Clean water is important and knowing what’s in your water is vital to good health. 


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