What is Soil Vapor Intrusion?

Soil vapor intrusion (SVI) is an environmental issue that has gained considerable attention in recent years. Awareness and education have been raised after train derailments like in East Palestine, Ohio ...

Causes And Effects of Lead in Water

Any contamination of a water source is a serious health threat, with lead exposure in tap water being one of the most concerning contaminants. Fortunately, the use of lead pipes, ...

Does Your Building Need LEED Air Quality Testing?

The effects of indoor air quality and the importance of LEED air quality testing have emerged as crucial players in ensuring healthier living and working spaces. LEED testing is also ...

Is Asbestos Still Used in the United States?

Asbestos was once hailed for its fireproofing and insulating properties until it emerged that it poses significant health risks. Its fibers, when disturbed and inhaled, can lead to severe respiratory ...

When To Check Air Quality In a Home or Business

Good air quality is important for everyone, but testing is especially vital for at-risk industries such as hospitals, manufacturing plants, nursing homes, and businesses where sensitive individuals live or work ...

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