Sampling Protocols

SanAir’s culture analyses protocols include a variety of agar plates specifically suited to meet client requirements.

Malt Extract Agar (MEA) one plate, or two plates for additional accuracy, for the isolation of environmental fungi while inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Plates are incubated at room temperature (~26°C)

Blood Agar (BAP) (Tryptic Soy Agar + 5% sheep blood) for the isolation of environmental and human commensal bacteria. (Incubated at 35°C)

MacConkey Agar (MAC) for the isolation of environmental, human commensal and coliform gram negative bacteria. (Incubated at 35°C)

Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA) for the isolation of thermophilic bacteria. (Incubated at 55°C)


Viable Air Sampling

The Viable Air Sampling Protocol utilizes several methods based on Andersen-style impaction sampling as well as Via-Cell cassettes. Sampling procedures should include a field blank and representative outdoor sample(s) for comparison with indoor samples. Multiple samples per site are recommended for representative results. Sampling protocols selected should best represent the individual needs of the client. A five to ten day turnaround time for cultured biological specimens is standard to provide accurate identifications and results.

Viable Bulk Sampling

Bulk samples such as insulation, wallboard, textiles and carpeting are analyzed at SanAir by serial dilution culture methods. They can be tested for fungi and bacteria.

Viable Swab Surface Sampling

Swab surface samples are analyzed by serial dilution culture methods. Swab samples can be tested for fungi and bacteria. Swabs and area templates are provided by SanAir.

Non-Viable Analyses

Air Cassette Sampling

SanAir analyzes non-viable impaction style cassettes by direct light microscopy methods.

Surface Direct Sampling

Adhesive tape samples and bulk material can be tested for the presence of fungi by direct microscopy. Fungi can be identified to the genus level. Clear tape or a Bio-TapeTM is necessary for tape lift sampling.

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