How Often Should I Test Air Quality

Air quality in general refers to the amount of fine particles, gasses, and other particulates mixed into the air. A test of indoor air quality measures the state of the ...

Why Reports on Legionnaires Have Increased This Decade

The disease takes its name from the first outbreak in which the waterborne bacterium was identified as the cause. It was in 1976 when this outbreak occurred, in a Philadelphia ...

5 Of The Worst City Water Contaminaton Stories

In most cities in this country we consume safe water. That’s not the case in every city. In some cities residents have suffered tremendously, and there have been legal battles ...

Kenyan Villagers Awarded $ 12 Million in a Lead Poisoning Lawsuit

July 2020 marked the end of one of the biggest environmental cases in modern history when a Kenyan community in Mombasa was awarded $12 million after proving that they were ...
Low Quality Of Tap Water.

What to Test For When There’s Brown Water in Pipes

Brown tap water is more commonly faced by homeowners using a well. However, other factors can cause this problem in homes connected to a city or county water supply.  ...

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