Most Unexpected Sources of Legionella

Most Unexpected Sources of Legionella

Legionella is a commonly found bacteria in lakes, rivers, and ponds at low levels. This bacteria needs water to flourish, but it is relatively harmless when contained in a natural ...

Is Vapor Intrusion Coming Your Way?

Train derailments, such as the recent disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, bring unfortunate but necessary attention to the threat that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) pose when released via toxic plume ...
Biggest Legionnaire's Outbreaks in 2022

Biggest Legionnaire’s Outbreaks in 2022

Every year, there are at least 100 cases of Legionnaire’s disease in the United States alone, and scientists estimate that number is much higher—many don’t get diagnosed. The state health ...

Most Recent Lead Contamination Scandals

Lead contamination continues to be a growing crisis throughout the United States. The usage of lead in nearly all construction materials before the 1980s has contributed to the difficulty abating ...

Largest Settlements from Toxic Mold Cases in the US

Toxic mold cases began to make waves in the 90’s and early 2000s, long after mold exposure was declared a health hazard. Various individuals and families sought legal reprise after ...

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