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Chemistry Prep Technician – N. Chesterfield, VA

Chemistry Prep Technician – N. Chesterfield, VA

The Chemistry Prep Technician prepares environmental analyses on a variety of matrices using standard analytical techniques in compliance with established laboratory Quality Assurance programs and Standard Operating Procedures.


– Fulltime position, 35 – 40 hours/week
– Must be available to work overtime and occasional weekends as necessary

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities

1. Performs routine laboratory tasks using specified methods, practices, and instrument programs. These include but are not limited to:

  • Preparation of metals samples using standard analytical prep techniques and Methods
  • Preparation of routine quality control using standard analytical techniques
  • Calculating data
  • Recording and reporting data any unusual prep occurrences to the technical manager
  • Performing routine maintenance of equipment and record maintenance on logs.
  • Conforming to laboratory QA/QC practices
  • Disposal of chemical waste according to EPA requirements

2. Ability to quickly organize and prioritize workload.

3. Ability to become proficient on complex instrumentation including; FLAA, ICP, mercury analyzer, and instrument specific data systems.
4. Responsible for general housekeeping in work area.


  • B.S. Chemistry / Biology or minimum 12 credits in chemistry or other related science field.
  • 1 – 2 years environmental laboratory experience.
  • AIHA Metals experience preferred


Previous production-oriented and laboratory experience preferred (awareness and ability to meet time sensitive deadlines):

  • Analytical and/or general science
  • Scientific methods and method compliance
  • Strong mathematics background
  • Knowledge of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Knowledge of general laboratory practice, procedures, and chemical hazards/safety


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