Best States for Air and Water Quality

Best States for Air and Water Quality

As we become more aware of the effects of environmental pollution on the water and the atmosphere, many are striving to move to locations where there is cleaner air and water. At this point, there’s no doubt that smog, exhaust, construction, and man-made materials have caused health issues in humans living in areas with a high concentration of these pollutants.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the overall best states for air and water quality so that you can be aware of any potential hazards.


The 50th state, Hawaii, ranks number one for both air and water quality, according to numerous studies. Of course, Hawaii has unique environmental challenges relating to rising sea levels, increasing human expansion, and erosion. However, being one of the last states to be populated, they still have large expanses of nature that remain untouched. Also as an effect, their cities are newer than many of those around the United States, so they contain fewer pollutants like lead, asbestos, arsenic, copper, salts, pesticides, and other contaminants that affect water quality.


Another large state with prodigious nature, Massachusetts ranks highly on the overall list. They rank sixth in air quality and fifth in water quality, a high rating. The MassDEP Drinking Water Program maintains that their water wells are kept in top condition, secured, and tested frequently. The air quality is a little lower in cities, which is normal, but most outlying towns are not as affected by the same problems.


Vermont makes the list as one of the best overall states for air and water quality. The American Lung Association hails Vermont as one of the best states for air quality. The Water Defense names Vermont ninth out of the top 10 states, as there have been some issues with occasional contamination in the last few years. However, 97% of homes in Vermont have access to clean drinking water, and that’s impressive.


Large and spacious with plenty of nature preserves and small cities, it’s one of the cleanest places to live, considering air and water quality. The state’s Department of Ecology says most areas remain in the AQI “Good” range year-round. Washington State already reports very few problems with drinking water, making it safe to drink. Their most significant environmental or air pollution issues come from cities with high traffic and occasional wildfires.


Making great strides to become environmentally friendly, Oregon is looking to become a clean economy by 2050 and creating pathways to state-wide renewable electricity sources. As air and water go, Oregon ranks among the top states for consistently clean air levels.

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