What Are Air Cassettes, And How Are They Used For Air Sampling?

In many industries, such as pharmaceuticals, mining, and construction, air samples are important for analyzing the concentration of dust and other hazardous particles that can be detrimental to both business ...

What is Viable Air Sampling?

Many industries such as biotechnology, medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical disposables, and hospital pharmacies carry out air sampling in their rooms and production areas. Air sampling refers to collecting a ...

What is Legionella Analysis?

Before discussing Legionella analysis, let’s take a brief look at and understand Legionella. What is Legionella? Legionella is a pathogenic group of bacteria that is rod-shaped and gram-negative. It causes ...

Can The Entomopathogenic Fungus Be Used For Effective Pest Control?

To answer that, first we must explain what an entomopathogenic fungus is. Although, it is a fungus, its quality differentiates it from other fungi. Entomopathogenic fungus is a parasite, most ...

What is Viable Swab Surface Sampling?

In many industries like hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, equipment manufacturers, biotech firms, plants, etc., there’s a need for a clean and healthy working environment. Such environments can only be maintained when ...

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