The Danger Posed to Humans by Lead Contamination

Lead is a highly toxic metal that is naturally present in the Earth’s crust. It is used in various processes such as manufacturing, formation of paints and gasoline, batteries etc., ...

How Are Air Samples Gathered And Sent To A Lab For Testing?

The air around us is filled with numerous hazardous materials and bacteria that can cause several health issues. These pollutants range from dust, vapors, gases, various chemicals, and microorganisms. This ...

For What Contaminants is Indoor Air Quality Typically Tested For?

No matter how many protective measures we take, we are always at risk of catching various germs, bacteria, and viruses and hence, are always exposed to a variety of health ...

Ice Dams, Water Damage and Mold

Ice Dam Removal & Mold Repair Winter is a time of joy and beauty for many. But while we are busy enjoying the amazing winter views, snow plays a role ...

How Are Water Samples Gathered And Sent To A Lab For Testing?

Since water is the most important necessity of life and every living being needs water to survive, maintenance of its quality is really important for human health. Therefore, frequent testing ...

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