Ice Dams, Water Damage and Mold

Ice Dam Removal & Mold Repair Winter is a time of joy and beauty for many. But while we are busy enjoying the amazing winter views, snow plays a role ...

How Are Water Samples Gathered And Sent To A Lab For Testing?

Since water is the most important necessity of life and every living being needs water to survive, maintenance of its quality is really important for human health. Therefore, frequent testing ...

Frozen & Burst Pipes — Water Damage & Mold

When a cold wave hits, water-pipe damage is never too far behind. In freezing weather, it is not the pipe that freezes but the water inside the pipe, That ice ...

The Grave Issue of Mold Growing in Marijuana Households

When you purchase your home are you fully aware of the hidden dangers that could be lurking there? One activity that previous owners have engaged in may be prone to ...

What Contaminants Is Water Typically Tested For?

Safe drinking water is one of the chief requirements of a healthy life, and yet, many people fail to realize the hazards of drinking impure water and continue regardless of ...

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